Boy George slammed by Culture Club

Since he left the band, Boy George has been highly critical of the members of Culture Club. Since they announced that they were re-forming for a 20th anniversary tour, he stepped up the criticisms after refusing to take part. But the band is hitting back. The limit was reached when Boy George accepted an award from Q Music for the song “Karma Chameleon”. Interviewed by the BBC, bassist Mikey Craig was hurt: “We should have been there,” said Craig. “George wasn’t the sole writer of the song. We wrote collectively. At the end of the day, Culture Club was very much ours as well as George’s. He was the visual impact that everyone got, but there was a hell of a lot behind it,” he said.

Boy George, meanwhile, is continuing his career as DJ after a spell in New York and a noted run-in with the police for possession of cocaine. Check the vintage “Look ‘pon U”.

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