“Bunny” Benaissa sells rap video

Rappers are doing it for themselves! Although there is a perception that rap artists roll around in Mercs drinking Crissy with their female companions, the reality is different. In Europe particularly, they have only themselves to rely on. There are big labels, but rap is not their priority.

So performers have to make sure their name is out there, by doing shows and promoting their work. “Bunny” Benaissa is a Moroccan-born rapper working in Germany. In addition to producing his own material, he also produced a clip for the track “Set Language”. Is this the way forward? For many performers, the answer is “yes”. But it means that they must become mini-labels in their own right. And not everyone has what it takes to produce videos, promote endlessly, book gigs, etc.

What’s cool in the case of Benaissa is that if you download the track (for just 25c), you can sell it from your own site, blog or mailing list. Check it out.

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