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Senegalese rappers report world news

Rap is a medium of its own in West Africa, one which many young people trust more than conventional media. AP recently filed this report from Senegalese rappers. DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — The war in Syria isn’t the easiest topic to break down in a brief newscast. But that’s exactly what Senegalese rapper Makhtar “Xuman”… Read More »

Serbian rapper Sin changes name

Canada-based Serbian rapper Sin is now using his real name Filip Filipi to coincide with the release of a new mixtape. “I feel the change is appropriate as I enter a more musically mature and genuine chapter of my career. I’m extremely satisfied and proud of the 10 mixtapes I’ve released as Sin over the… Read More »

When did FIFA 2007 become so hip?

Has anyone spent any time on the new FIFA 2007 game? Remember to leave the sound on when you play, and you’ll get a pretty good musical sampler of what’s happening out there in the world. A quick scan of the playlist includes Plastinilina Mosh from Mexico, the brilliant lo-fi Seu Jorge from Brazil and… Read More »

Fifa Street track hits virtual streets

“Fou Ho” from Sur-Choc has remained one of the most enigmatic tracks from the Fifa Street game. The tune was picked up after becoming a runaway hit in the clubs of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The makers of “Fifa Street 2005” were looking for a track with a gritty feel. Sur-Choc are one of the creators… Read More »