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Senegalese rappers report world news

Rap is a medium of its own in West Africa, one which many young people trust more than conventional media. AP recently filed this report from Senegalese rappers. DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — The war in Syria isn’t the easiest topic to break down in a brief newscast. But that’s exactly what Senegalese rapper Makhtar “Xuman”… Read More »

Checkpoint 303 in Rome and Venice

Palestinian/Tunisian/French electro outfit Checkpoint 303 will be appearing (for free) in Rome on Sunday May 31 as part of the “Finding Palestine” event, featuring traditional and contemporary arts. They will also be appearing at the Venice Biennale. Click “read more” for further details.

Kenge Kenge sing for Obama

No matter who gets elected, the world will feel the impact of the next American president. So although politicians around the world are remaining very diplomatic, artists are coming out in support of Obama – particularly in Africa. Kenya’s Kenge Kenge have recorded one of the sweetest tracks a gentle tribute, which opens with a… Read More »

Georges Brassens gets unlikely tribute

Few artists are revered in the French-speaking worlds as Georges Brassens. His gentle songs about country life, accompanied by acoustic guitar, have been a staple of chanson française since the fifties. Yet his latest tribute comes from an unlikely source: Africa. Singer Kristo Numpuby is currently touring with a show called “Brassens en Afrique”. It… Read More »

Hank Williams notebook worth $250,00?

Ask yourself how much can a notebook be worth? In the case of one of country music’s best-known songwriters, the answer is quite a lot. $250,000, in fact. Music publisher Sony/ATV has filed a lawsuit against a pair of collectors after reading that Stephen Shutts and Robert Reynolds (the Honky Tonk Hall of Fame) had… Read More »