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Global Hip-Hop to be featured at CMJ

The College Music Journal Marathon (CMJ) is New York’s largest music, film and media conference and will host hundreds of live performances, films, lectures and networking events. This year’s CMJ INTERNATIONAL HIP-HOP THROW-DOWN will unite the talents of a creative and diverse group of lyricists and DJs from Africa, Korea, Canada, and Europe at club… Read More »

Africa to salute James Brown this summer

This promises to be a pretty hot ticket. Pee Wee Ellis, former saxophonist of James Brown, has brought together some excellent artists for a tribute to the legendary James Brown. Among them are Fred Wesley and Tony Allen (drummer of Fela Kuti), the Nigerian-London singer Wunmi (who DJed in 2004 at Couleur Café in Brussels),… Read More »

Movaizhaleine parodies French and Gabonese leaders

Movaizhaleine ‘QUAFFFFOUTRE” (produced by lord ekomy ndong)by allahndong Movaizhaleine, probably the best hip-hop outfit on Africa’s West Coast, have created a viral hit with “Quaffffoutre”. They used a sample of the Gabonese president saying “Moi, je n’ai qu’à foutre” (me, I don’t give a shit) and looped it. As France and Gabon are having a… Read More »

Wendo Kolosoy: return of the king of rumba

Wendo Kolosoy, the veteran World music star, has released an album of material recorded in 2004 on the IglooMondo label. Kolosoy is hailed as the father of the rumba, having helped shape the style already in the fifties and sixties. “Banaya Papa Wendo” features 10 tracks with old sparring partners such as Jean-Louis Kayala Bikunda… Read More »