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Checkpoint 303 to appear in Berlin

Checkpoint 303 – the Palestinian/Tunisian/French outfit that bills itself as “free tunes from occupied territories” – will perform a DJ set at the legendary Tacheles alternative art-house in the center of Berlin on Thursday 7th of February, 2008. The gig will take place at the opening of a photography exhibition organized in collaboration between Tacheles… Read More »

Baloji brings African rap to Paris

Baloji in Paris Although it was only released in Belgium, one of our favourite albums in 2007 was “Hotel Impala” by Baloji. This Belgian rapper of Congolese origin has created an album that spans Hip-Hop, 70s soul, Afro Beat and chanson – quite a programme. The breakout single was “Congo”, a 7-minute masterpiece. Baloji will… Read More »

Didier Awadi stands against EU-African pact

Senegal’s Didier Awadi, formerly of the pioneering Hip-Hop act Positive Black Soul, has made a strong stand against the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and the ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) countries. Like many people, he feels it is too heavily balanced in favour of the EU. The debate is a very complex one,… Read More »

Orchestra National de Barbes release next February

From having seen them a few months ago, I can safely say that France’s Orchestre National de Barbès is one hot live band. They have been gigging for years already, spreading their raï sounds across Europe. The band recently signed with the French indie label Wagram, and a new album, “Alik”, is foreseen in February… Read More »

Lord Ekomy N’Dong brings African rap to Paris

One of the most impressive Hip-Hop producers outside the US happens to be one of the least known. Lord Ekomy N’dong is an innovative producer from Gabon that offers one of the savviest combinations of African sounds and a massive contemporary Hip-Hop vibe. His first album, “L’Afrikain”, played on a loop in our office two… Read More »

Les Nubians live in New York

The French Hip-Hop duo Les Nubians will be appearing in New York before the New Year. The sisters play a neat style that has been summed up as “Afropean hip-hop with R&B”, singing in French and English. ‘Princesses Nubiennes’ (Higher Octave/Virgin) was the most successful French-language album in more than a decade of Billboard charts.… Read More »

“Gaza Calling”

 With Middle East talks more or less on track, the Palestinian-Tunisian outfit Checkpoint 303 have released a new tune to the web called “Gaza Calling”. As a reminder, Gaza has been the subject of an air, land and sea blockade by Israel since Hamas took over there and following repeated missile attacks from the territories.… Read More »

Taraf de Haidouks live on French radio

Romania’s Taraf de Haidouks will be making a special appearance on the France Inter radio show “Le Pont des Artistes” on Saturday Nov 24, 2007. What’s the big deal? The release of a new album, called “Maskarada”. Over the years, countless musicians have taken their inspiration from Central European gypsy music. So now this Balkan… Read More »

Last minute: African rap in Norway

In terms of diversity and colour, nothing beats African rap. We just got news that the South African band Black Noise will be appearing in Oslo, Norway on October 17 as part of the Oslo Celebrations. More specifically, they will be providing music, DJing and capoeira for an African fashion show at the Georg Sverdrups… Read More »