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South African rapper Khuli Chana shot by police

South African rapper Khuli Chana, winner of several Sama awards, was shot and injured by police in a case of mistaken identity on October 28, 2013. Chana’s car was mistaken for that of a criminal. It is not clear why the police opened fire on it rather than trying to stop the car. Chana was… Read More »

Senegalese rappers report world news

Rap is a medium of its own in West Africa, one which many young people trust more than conventional media. AP recently filed this report from Senegalese rappers. DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — The war in Syria isn’t the easiest topic to break down in a brief newscast. But that’s exactly what Senegalese rapper Makhtar “Xuman”… Read More »

RIP: Leon Botha aka Solarize

African DJ and artist Leon Botha has died in South Africa. Botha was better known as Solarize, for his work with Die Antwoord. He appeared in “Enter the Ninja” and acted as Die Antwoord’s warm-up DJ in concert. What was less known is that Both was a qualified artist with several shows behind him. Sadly,… Read More »

Malian Hip Hop prodigy for the 1st time in the US

Invited by various universities and students organisations committed to education and social change through Hip Hop, AMKOULLEL will be doing workshops, panels and performances with his multi-instrumentalist musician playing Ngoni and Talking Drums. He will also play in various NY and LA clubs… the buzz is growing fast!!

Die Antwoord to tour North America

Outrageous South African hip-hoppers Die Antwoord (The Answer) have announced the dates of their upcoming North American tour. Starting on October 12 2010 they will play at Vancouver, before touring the West Coast and then switching coasts until a last date in New Orleans on October 30. Expect mayhem and broken beats, no subtitles! The… Read More »

Serbian rapper Sin changes name

Canada-based Serbian rapper Sin is now using his real name Filip Filipi to coincide with the release of a new mixtape. “I feel the change is appropriate as I enter a more musically mature and genuine chapter of my career. I’m extremely satisfied and proud of the 10 mixtapes I’ve released as Sin over the… Read More »

Kafa Beanz release East African Hip Hop

Get the futuristic blend of hip-hop, soul, and Ethio jazz by hip hop legend Burntface, Grammny-nominated Wayna, female rap phenomenon B Sheba, AP, Gabriel Teodros and more! Andromeda: Chronicles of Blackopia Vol 1 is available!!!

Slam and Hip-Hop sessions in Brussels

Brussels is getting ready for three days of slam and hip-hop. The “Sessions Ubraines” will feature a presentation of the new book “Souterrain 95-08 Bxl”, the first of its kind about the Belgian scene. There’s an extensive panel of guests from noted journalists to rappers Defi J, Lady N and others. Date December 17 at… Read More »