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Kenge Kenge sing for Obama

No matter who gets elected, the world will feel the impact of the next American president. So although politicians around the world are remaining very diplomatic, artists are coming out in support of Obama – particularly in Africa. Kenya’s Kenge Kenge have recorded one of the sweetest tracks a gentle tribute, which opens with a… Read More »

MTV Africa announces award nominees

MTV Base has announced the nominees for their upcoming MAMA African music awards to be held in Abuja, Nigeria on November 22. The ten categories cover best male, female, live performer, alternative, Hip-Hop, artist of the year, new act and video. I strongly recmmend a visit to their site to get an overview of the… Read More »

Global Hip-Hop to be featured at CMJ

The College Music Journal Marathon (CMJ) is New York’s largest music, film and media conference and will host hundreds of live performances, films, lectures and networking events. This year’s CMJ INTERNATIONAL HIP-HOP THROW-DOWN will unite the talents of a creative and diverse group of lyricists and DJs from Africa, Korea, Canada, and Europe at club… Read More »

Movaizhaleine parodies French and Gabonese leaders

Movaizhaleine ‘QUAFFFFOUTRE” (produced by lord ekomy ndong)by allahndong Movaizhaleine, probably the best hip-hop outfit on Africa’s West Coast, have created a viral hit with “Quaffffoutre”. They used a sample of the Gabonese president saying “Moi, je n’ai qu’à foutre” (me, I don’t give a shit) and looped it. As France and Gabon are having a… Read More »

Baloji brings African rap to Paris

Baloji in Paris Although it was only released in Belgium, one of our favourite albums in 2007 was “Hotel Impala” by Baloji. This Belgian rapper of Congolese origin has created an album that spans Hip-Hop, 70s soul, Afro Beat and chanson – quite a programme. The breakout single was “Congo”, a 7-minute masterpiece. Baloji will… Read More »

Didier Awadi stands against EU-African pact

Senegal’s Didier Awadi, formerly of the pioneering Hip-Hop act Positive Black Soul, has made a strong stand against the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and the ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) countries. Like many people, he feels it is too heavily balanced in favour of the EU. The debate is a very complex one,… Read More »