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RIP: kwaito star Mandoza

The South African music star Mandoza, one of two self-proclaimed kings of the kwaito genre, has died aged 38 after a year-long battle with cancer. Mandoza was a multi award-winning performer with several hit albums under his own name and with his first band Chiskop. He was credited not only for his performances, but also… Read More »

RIP: Papa Wemba

Musician Papa Wemba has died on stage at the age of 66… par actutete Congolese star collapses and dies at African music festival After 40 years as one of Congo’s biggest stars, singer Papa Wemba died on stage at a music festival in Abidjan on April 24 2016. The 66 year-old star was giving one… Read More »

RIP: Tabu Ley Rochereau

Congo’s respected Tabu Ley Rochereau died in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday November 30. He had suffered a stroke in 2008, and his condition had deteriorated in recent days. Tabu Ley was one of a few performers that defined modern rumba, with hits such as “Adios Thethe” and “Mokolo nakokufa” (the day of my death). In… Read More »

RIP: India’s Manna Rey

Although the movies of India are becoming increasingly popular, its music is still very little known. So it’s sad to hear about the death of Manna Dey on October 24, 2013 before he could be recognised outside India. Mr. Dey’s playback singing caught the public’s attention with the duet with Suraiya “Jago Aaye Usha Ponchi… Read More »

RIP: Mamadou Konte

Although largely unknown to the general audience, African rap has lost one of its most important players. Mamadou Konte founded the Africa Fête festival in France in the late seventies, later bringing it to the US and Canada. He also set up a label in Senegal that was responsible for uncovering Positive Black Soul and… Read More »