Didier Awadi stands against EU-African pact

Senegal’s Didier Awadi, formerly of the pioneering Hip-Hop act Positive Black Soul, has made a strong stand against the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and the ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) countries. Like many people, he feels it is too heavily balanced in favour of the EU. The debate is a very complex one, involving international trade, aid, GATT and the World Trade Organisation.

Awadi has recorded “On ne signe pas” (we’re not signing) to highlight the issue, which has already been addressed by numerous bodies. Ultimately, Awadi feels that the pact will make African more dependent on Europe rather than more independent. It requires substantial access to African markets in exchange for freer trade. Many people argue that what is needed is more support for African business rather than the arrival of well-financed competitors. To see the clip of “On ne signe pas”, visit Studio Sankara.

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