“Gaza Calling”

Checkpoint 303 With Middle East talks more or less on track, the Palestinian-Tunisian outfit Checkpoint 303 have released a new tune to the web called “Gaza Calling”. As a reminder, Gaza has been the subject of an air, land and sea blockade by Israel since Hamas took over there and following repeated missile attacks from the territories. “Gaza Calling” is based on a man’s attempt to get through to the UN to explain the living conditions there.

The track is typical Checkpoint 303: snappy Arabic percussion, angular electronics and the occasional oud. They appeared at a major festival in Montreal recently. For details and to hear “Gaza Calling” visit Checkpoint 303.

One thought on ““Gaza Calling”

  • December 12, 2015 at 9:37 am

    I can’t watch any more. It erodes any faith I had in even dencet Jewish folk being able to stop our homeland state’s atrocities against the basic tenets of Judaism and our fellow humans.As the Jewish state moves further and further towards being all it was supposedly founded against, it’s ghastly illegal facts on the ground’ and 63 years of lies and deceit, have created an intractable situation that will only be resolved with outside intervention that no one is willing to institute.I’m beginning to believe Israel will erupt into civil war if it cuts any peace deal. Generations of Israeli’s and Jewish folk steeped in 63 years of propaganda, the religious nut cases and illegal settlers against the state. As it would be fought predominantly outside of Israel, it might just prompt UN intervention.Which ever way it goes, it will be bloody and long. At the moment a Jewish State instead of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, seems to be the greatest mistake to ever befall the Jewish people. Certainly the people of pre ’48 Palestine.I’d could say Go/-d help us all. But a Go/-d who didn’t bother to even show up for the Holocaust, is simply a damnable illusion.


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