Indian Carnatic singing meets European jazz

Kamalamba: two genres meet head-on

In June 2015, the distinctive singer Raphaëlle Brochet met noted Belgian bassist Philippe Aerts. The pair had very different backgrounds, as Brochet had spent years studying India’s intriguing Carnatic style of singing, whereas Aerts had a solid jazz background.

Nonetheless, they connected at a musical level and created a double bass-vocal duo. In turn soloist and accompanist, Raphaëlle Brochet and Philippe Aerts blur the outlines of the standard repertoire of their instruments to create a distinctive soundscape fed by their respective experiences.

This first album, Kamalamba, takes the distinctive vocal phrasing of Carnatic music (classical music from Southern India) and adds Brazilian, Jazz and Arabic styles. The duo slips from one genre to the other with surprising ease, creating stories through this world of sounds. A journey through colours, traditions, rhythms and, of course, jazz and improvisation.

Rapahelle brochet - Philippe AertsSurprising, warm yet somehow familiar, the round, melodious sound of Philippe Aerts’ double bass and the light, emotional voice of Raphaëlle Brochet create music that is both intriguing and charming.


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