Kristo Numpuby sings Brassens, again

We’ve mentioned him before, but there’s no harm in mentioning him again as the project is an interesting one. Last year Cameroon singer Kristo Numpuby recorded a homage to the master of chanson, George Brassens. The unlikely combination, however, struck a chord at home in France, where Numpuby tours regularly and has appeared on prime time TV. His latest dates include a show at the legendary New Morning in Paris. Click through for the full dates.

Numpuby sings Brassens in France

  • May 31, New Morning, Paris
  • June 13: show case FNAC St Lazare
  • June23 : Fete du Panier, Marseille
  • June 30 : Africa Fete, Marseille
  • July 18 : Pestacles, Parc Floral de Paris
  • July 21 : Festival Musiques d’Ici et d’Ailleurs, Châlons en Champagne
  • July 29 : Africajarc
  • September 8 : Ballade avec Brassens, St Brieuc

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