Kristo Numpuby sings Brassens, again

By | May 22, 2007

We’ve mentioned him before, but there’s no harm in mentioning him again as the project is an interesting one. Last year Cameroon singer Kristo Numpuby recorded a homage to the master of chanson, George Brassens. The unlikely combination, however, struck a chord at home in France, where Numpuby tours regularly and has appeared on prime time TV. His latest dates include a show at the legendary New Morning in Paris. Click through for the full dates.

Numpuby sings Brassens in France

  • May 31, New Morning, Paris
  • June 13: show case FNAC St Lazare
  • June23 : Fete du Panier, Marseille
  • June 30 : Africa Fete, Marseille
  • July 18 : Pestacles, Parc Floral de Paris
  • July 21 : Festival Musiques d’Ici et d’Ailleurs, Châlons en Champagne
  • July 29 : Africajarc
  • September 8 : Ballade avec Brassens, St Brieuc

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