Manou Gallo to tour with Bernard Maseli

Manou Gallo in concertIvory Coast sensation Manou Gallo will be on tour to celebrate the 10th year of Polish jazz vibraphone player Bernard Maseli throughout April 2011.

Gallo, a highly-rated bassist and percussionist, released “Dida” and “Lowlin” on the IglooMondo label. More details are available  on the IglooMondo site.

Click through for the Polish tour dates.

7 of April, 2011 :Katowice
8 of April, 2011 : ?widnica
9 of April, 2011 : Ostro??ka
11 of April, 2011 : K?dzierzyn-Ko?le
13 of April, 2011 : Rybnik
14 of April, 2011 : Jas?o
15 of April, 2011 : Przemy??
16 of April, 2011 : Tychy
Manou Gallo

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