“Many Lessons” looks at Islam and Hip-Hop in West Africa

Many Lessons The German label Piranha takes a look at Hip-Hop and Islam on the compilation “Many Lessons”, recently released in Europe. Islam is a strong influence across West Africa, despite the fact that most countries are secular by nature. This selection of tracks looks at how Islam is incorporated into the buoyant Hip-Hop scene, which is one of young Africa’s ways of getting itself heard. The artists include General Snipe, Keur Gui, Dread Skeezo and Sister Fa. Click through for the full track list.

Track listing:

1. Bantu feat. Ayuba Many Lessons (H. J. Krol, A. Ayuba, B. Sobiegalla/F. Odukoya, A. Ayuba, B. Sobiegalla, B. Paulos) 3:49
2. African Akhlou Bi Andando (L. Diagne/A. Gaye, Ndiaga) 4:19
3. Keur Gui Liye Raam (M. Diouf, L. M. Seck, O. C. Touré, M. Niass) 3:56
4. Sister Fa Selebou Yoon (F. M. Diatta, S. Töteberg) 3:40
5. Les Escrocs Salamalekoum (S. S. Diallo) 4:33
6. Rifo & Lamine Kouyaté Deadfathers/Fayaale (R. C. Cissé, L. Kouyate, S. Töteberg/R. C. Cissé, L. Kouyate) 3:06
7. MidNight Shems Jbal Atlas (F. Younes) 3:05
8. Silatigui My life in the Ghetto (B. Kouassy) 4:34
9. Backa Ya Rassulilah (G. Sawyer, B. Niang/B. Niang, A. Nurah) 4:32
10. Docta Xonet (D. B. Dodiandell, R. C. Cissé) 4:10
11. General Snipe feat. Kiné Thiam Bataxal (J. Meier/D. Ndong, arr. D. Ndong) 4:31
12. Gokh-Bi System In God We Trust (G. Sawyer, P. B. Pouye, R. De La Corte/D. Pouye, M. Ndiaye) 4:15
13. Gaston feat. Niagass Jeuf Jel Leu (B. Ndoye/B. Ndoye, P. D. Aw) 3:42
14. Dread Skeezo feat. Dread Maxim (Senegal) Mighty Intelligence (O. Fall/O. Fall, D. M. A. Mbengue) 3:51
BONUS Video Interview with Sister Fa 4:42

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