Mokoomba wins Newcomer Award at Songlines 2013

Mokoomba: Rising TideThe Zimbabwean group Mokoomba has won the Newcomer Award at the influential Songlines Music Awards 2013 in London. The group has had two epic years in 2012 and 2013, touring consistently across Europe and Africa on the back of their second album, “Rising Tide”.

According to Songlines, “From the Victoria Falls region of Zimbabwe, the members of Mokoomba are childhood friends who grew up making music together. The area is home to the Tonga ethnic group, which has its own distinct musical styles. Much of Mokoomba’s music draws on this but their influences also stretch further afield – Afro-salsa, Congolese rumba, reggae and more – creating a truly pan-African sound that is bursting with raw energy.”

For the full list of winners, visit Songlines.

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