Ojos de Brujo

In 1999, Ojos de Brujo recorded its first album, ‘Vengue’ (a gypsy word for the energy that flows through life). It was a homemade production that captured the attention of critics and the public alike, and news of the band’s performances spread rapidly. ”Barí’ (“joy” or “virtual essence” in Caló) was the band’s next step. Now, without industry pressure, they were free to take a new direction. They presented ‘Barí’ to enthusiastic fans across the globe between 2002 and 2005, through several tours in Latin America and the U.S., playing in the most important jazz, rock, and world music festivals such as Glastonbury, Rosklide, Summerstage NY Central Park, Lowlands, Montreal Jazz… Japan, Colombia, Morocco, Cuba, Mexico, Hungary, France, and Germany.

For more about them, visit Ojos de Brujo.

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