RIP: India’s Manna Rey

RIP: Manna DeyAlthough the movies of India are becoming increasingly popular, its music is still very little known. So it’s sad to hear about the death of Manna Dey on October 24, 2013 before he could be recognised outside India.

Mr. Dey’s playback singing caught the public’s attention with the duet with Suraiya “Jago Aaye Usha Ponchi Boley Jago” for the 1942 film Tamanna. He would go on to perform for films like Kadambari, Kamala and Vikaramaditya and sing duets with Amira Bahee and Meena Kapoor early in his career. Singing in Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi and Bhojpuri, Mr. Dey performed more than 3,500 songs throughout his career and sang for Bollywood stars like Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra. His film career includes more than 120 films and received praise for popular songs like “Pyaar Hua Ikrar Hua” and “Ae Meri Zohra Zabeen.”

Yes, you just read that he performed 3,500 songs during his career!

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