Senegalese rappers report world news

Didier AwadiRap is a medium of its own in West Africa, one which many young people trust more than conventional media. AP recently filed this report from Senegalese rappers.

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — The war in Syria isn’t the easiest topic to break down in a brief newscast. But that’s exactly what Senegalese rapper Makhtar “Xuman” Fall does — and throws it down in rhyme no less.

“All eyes are turned to the powder keg of the world;

To the Middle East where Syria is sitting on a bomb.

Dialogue, discussions and negotiations;

To legitimize a war you need a coalition.”

Fall raps these lines in French from behind a newscaster’s desk, sporting reading glasses and a blazer with his long dreadlocks tied back behind his head.

Next he turns to a “guest commentator,” Senegalese rap icon Didier Awadi who adds a few words of his own: “The bastards are getting organized and they want blood … One more time they want to make us swallow their lies. And even without the proof, they’ll bring out the heavy artillery.”

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