Sex and the Single Rabbit

Sex and the Single RabbitWith a title that is sure to get lots of search engine activity, Crammed Discs have started opening their archives. The European label is known for its cosmopolitan genre-bending style such as Bebel Gilberto, the early Zap Mama and Taraf de Haidouk. In the eighties and nineties, they also had a successful electronic imprint called SSR (Sampler Sans Reproche – Sampling without fear). The virtual twin-set includes material such as the Matthew Herbert remix of a Hector Zazou/Harold Budd track, a Snooze remix by Isolée, a track off the long-deleted DJ Morpheus vs Bassbin Twin vinyl EP, sonic terrorist Meira Asher, London jazz/dope beats heads Elixir, Japan’s Tao, Phosphorus and their dreamy, soundtrack-like trip-pop and Finland’s minimal/glitch pioneer Aural Expansion.

“Sex and the Single Rabbit” will only be available through electronic outlets, which most likely means that tracks can also be downloaded individually.

The label has since released a volume 2. If that sounds tasty, try it on Amazon.

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