Slam and Hip-Hop sessions in Brussels

Souterrain brussels hip hopBrussels is getting ready for three days of slam and hip-hop. The “Sessions Ubraines” will feature a presentation of the new book “Souterrain 95-08 Bxl”, the first of its kind about the Belgian scene. There’s an extensive panel of guests from noted journalists to rappers Defi J, Lady N and others. Date December 17 at the Mason du livre.

Over at the Botanique on December 18, a rap session will bring together AB7, Mari’M, Invaderdz, Sismik, Maky, Gandhi & D’Johnny Six, Stan et Yassin, Za and L’Huissier.

The last night, the 19th, will see urban lyricists and slam artists battling it out. The organisers have done this several times already, and it’s usually worth checking out. Guests include Be-Lion Vagabond, Maky, Veence Hanao, Dynamic & B-Flow, Mochelan, Posa (from RCS), Verbal, Leawsane, Rézie , BD Banx, Maïa Chauvier, Stan (Les Autres), Manza. The night will finish with the incredible award-winning Baloji (check the album “Hotel Impala”).

For the full details, visit: Lezarts Urbains.

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